Here is a list of dark web onion websites. Go ahead and explore the list to know about the best of the dark web.

Hosting, website developing

  • http://torvps7kzis5ujfz.onion/ - TorVPS Shells - Free torified shell accounts, can be used for .onion hosting, IRC, etc.
  • http://spore64i5sofqlfz5gq2ju4msgzojjwifls7rok2cti624zyq3fcelad.onion - SporeStack API-driven VPS hosting for Bitcoin. Clearnet and hidden Tor hosting.
  • http://dmru36nvfgtywx47.onion/ - HomeHosting - A system administrator who can set up your private home server
  • http://prometh5th5t5rfd.onion/ - Prometheus_Hidden_Services - Payed hosting, provides Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Linux.
  • http://designauxmqhv5ry.onion/ - darknet design — web design (HTML, CSS, PHP) plus graphics design and a few other things.