Enabling Internet users to access Tor Onion Services

Tor is a software project that lets you anonymously browse the Internet. OnionSite is a project to let Internet users access Tor Onion Services without using Tor Browser.

Getting started

Whenever you see a URL like http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/, that's a Tor Onion service. Just copy and paste to the above search box to get access to the website. By default, your standard browsers don't support this kind of URLs.

Tor Onion Sites Resources

Below a set of useful resources, Tor Onion Services indexes, search engines and applications available on the internet


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You’re ready

Tor Proxy offers the highest standard of privacy and security while browsing the web. You’re now protected against tracking, surveillance, and censorship.

Snub trackers and snoopers

Tor Proxy isolates cookies and deletes your browser history after your session. These modifications ensure your privacy and security are protected with WebOProxy.

Travel a decentralized network

Tor Proxy connects you to the Tor network run by thousands of volunteers around the world. Unlike a VPN, there’s no one point of failure or centralized entity you need to trust in order to enjoy the internet privately.

See your path

For each domain you visit, your traffic is relayed and encrypted in a circuit across three Tor relays around the world. No website knows where you are connecting from.

Expect some differences

With all the security and privacy features provided by Tor, your experience while browsing the internet may be a little different. Things may be a bit slower, some elements may not work or load. You may also be asked to prove you are a human and not a robot.

Be extra protected

Onion services are sites that end with a .onion that provide extra protections to publishers and visitors, including added safeguards against censorship. Onion services allow anyone to provide content and services anonymously.

Privacy Tools and Hosting sites

Torry is a privacy-focused search engine to view search results anonymously inside the Tor Network and open Tor Onion links without the need for the Tor Browser. Use the Tor Anonymous View button to visit websites in complete privacy through the Tor Network.

GoShares is a search engine that redistributes income from ads to fund sustainable projects around the globe. Each search generates advertising dollars and earns you shares. You choose the sustainable projects you want to invest your shares into.

YoSpot is the easiest way to discover and enjoy the magic of the Internet. It’s where you’ll find the funniest and entertaining images, memes, GIFs, all served up in bite-sized fun.